brides beware

Brides Beware – Dangers of buying on line!


Prepare to be brides beware! With so many modern brides now turning to the internet to help them find their dream dress. We encourage brides to ensure they understand the dangers so you don’t end up like one of these unlucky brides…

brides beware

We see so many horror stories from brides who think they have found a bargain but actually end up with an ill fitting, bad quality dress after purchasing it on the internet. Images from big designer brands are copied and used to promote what could be their dream dress. Made on the cheap in China and shipped out to you in a vacuum packed bag.   Unless you buy your gown from a reputable bridal boutique then you could risk your dream dress becoming your worst nightmare!

Our head of design Michele O’Neil talks to Love Our Wedding magazine below about the dangers of buying your wedding gown on line…

brides beware

Want to be safe when making that all important purchase, then book an appointment with a bridal boutique, who will help you find your dream dress and give you peace of mind that it will turn up looking exactly like it did when you found it! Find your local Chloe Bridal store here

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