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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips From The Experts!


It’s one of the biggest buying decisions you will ever make! Don’t embark on that all important shopping trip without these useful wedding dress shopping tips by the experts at award winning boutique, Birds Bridal.

Wedding-Dress-ShoppingPlan ahead, don’t leave buying your gown to the last minute. We advise a lead time of 6 months to ensure comfortable delivery and fitting times for your gown.

Do not take too many guests with you when trying on gowns, there will be too many conflicting ideas of what you want and what the guests want.  This will create confusion for yourself and could result in a wasted appointment.

Be open to suggestions by the consultants – they know what they are doing and what will suit you. You often find the most unlikely of gowns will be the one you end up choosing!

Don’t book too many appointments in one day – it is very exhausting trying on gowns and more so trying to remember what you have tried on so stick to one to two in a day and if easier make notes of the gowns you liked.

When you find several dresses you really like, try to put them in order of preference as you’re trying them on, ie. first, second, third.  If you do it when you get home, you will never remember exactly in which order.


Timing is everything! Plan your holiday dates to incorporate at least three fittings for your dress to make sure it is perfect. Many brides will shed a little wedding weight in the lead up to the big day so those fittings will be important to ensue you feel perfectly fitted in to your dream gown!

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy it and go with an open mind. Wedding dress shopping is all about the experience and we are here to help you find the perfect gown that you have been dreaming of.

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